The Power of Words

When I was in college, I had a professor who would begin each lesson with the word of the day.  Usually, it was a word that I had never heard of.  Therefore, I would have to quickly look up the definition.  In the beginning, I would get annoyed and irritated by this teaching method.  However, by the middle of the semester, I found myself eager and excited to hear a new word.

You see, what I didn’t realize at the time is that Mr. Calhoun was sowing seeds.  After he planted the seed of a new word, it would grow; as I grabbed my pocket dictionary to look the word up for its meaning.  Therefore, with every word, I would gain knowledge.

Unexpectedly, I began utilizing those very words in conversations, research papers and briefs.  Those words became a part of my every day conversations.  Those words became a part of my vocabulary….a part of me.

Throughout life, I have learned the power of words.  The right words have uplifted, motivated, and encouraged me.  The wrong words have discouraged, upset and frustrated me.  I’m sure that you have experienced the same.  But can I share something with you?  Although the wrong words have power, you don’t have to receive them.  Instead, use those words to propel you into your purpose.  Let them serve as a match that ignites your passion that leads to your destiny.

Here’s an example……