The View

I arrived so early, at the Airport, that I had my choice of seats.  I immediately walked toward the wall of beautiful glass windows.  The planes were in my backdrop with the morning sun about to break through the clouds.  The view was so beautiful that I started to move seats to enjoy it.  



However, my previous flight had been cancelled.  So, I needed to pay close attention and focus on the matter at hand…boarding my flight.  As the sun began to rise, I saw the reflection in the windows on the other side of the Airport.  


It was at that time that God blessed me with a word.  As you live abundantly, there will be times that you want to sit back and enjoy the view.  However, you cannot because you have to focus and tend to your business.  

During those times, you backdrop will be beautiful.  But, your view seems cluttered, dull and ugly.  If you continue to do your work, those around you will see the beauty surrounding you because of your diligence, perseverance and steadfastness. 


If you faint not, you will eventually see what others have seen all along.  The sun will rise and you will see the beauty that is your own reflection.  So hold on and keep living abundantly!!!



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