Mama Said, “There Would Be Days Like This!!!”


Have you every had one of those days? Well, yesterday was one of those days for me. You know one of those days that nothing goes as planned. One of those days that is supposed to be simple and easy but ends up turning into the day from “H-E-Double Hockey Sticks.” One of those days that you arrive 45 minutes late to an important meeting because someone gave you the wrong address, you get an email from your child’s teacher with a concern, and your spouse forgets to do EVERYTHING he/she said they were going to do.  Did I mention that it rained all day and I forgot my umbrella at home.  Ugh 😦

Yup!!! I had one of those days.

But you know what, God never ceases to amaze me. And for that and so much more, I’m forever grateful.

In the past, it would have been so easy for me to become upset, frustrated and irritated. However, I’m learning (slowly…very, very slowly) that I just have to go with the flow and keep pressing. When I change my focus from the problem to the possibility, I realize how amazingly blessed I am. I’m blessed because I have an amazing career, incredible children and a forgetful spouse that would go to the end of the earth for me. And although every day is not perfect, I serve a God who is!

So, the next time you have one of the days, look up, laugh and remember that Mama said, there would be days like this.” And enjoy every second, as you keep living abundantly!!!

May I Ask You a Question?



Lately the word “Believe” has been on my heart.  It’s made me ponder what I’m believing God for. So, I wanted to pose that same question to you.

What are you believing God for?

Most people would answer this question with something like a new car, a new job or a new house.  However, I want to challenge you to think about this.  What are you really believing God for?


Surely, God is not a genie in a bottle who is standing by to answer your every command.  Therefore, I’m not simply talking about materialistic possessions.  He knows all your needs.  As a matter of fact, God promised to supply all of your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19.)

He’s created each and every one of us for a purpose.  When He formed us, there were certain things that He designed us to do.  We were destined to accomplish it, from the beginning.


So, again, I’ll ask you.  What are you believing God for?  Are you still believing Him for that dream, desire or goal that He placed in your heart?

I’m talking about the dream that you had for years but because you came against some challenges, you let it go.  I’m talking about the desire to fulfill your purpose; but fear crept in and caused you to stay in your comfort zone.  I’m talking about that goal that you wanted to achieve, but you made every excuse not to accomplish it.

Let me tell you something, it’s still there.  It hasn’t gone anywhere.  You’ve just stopped believing God for it.

But you know what, it’s not too late to pursue it.  Each day is an opportunity to start anew.  It’s an opportunity to begin believing.  A chance to start pursuing.

Are your ready?  Because if you are, not only will you be living life with purpose.  You will be living the life that you were destined to live…and living it abundantly!


The Greatest Message


On March 27, 1989, I read this letter for the first time.  My mother had left it in an envelope next to my Easter basket.  That day, I read it quickly and tossed it to the side.  Four years later, my mother passed away.  

A few weeks before I left for college, my heart was heavy.  I was missing her and wished that she was still here.  I was sad because major events in my life became reminders that she was gone.  As I looked through some old boxes, I came across this letter. 

Her words brought me so much comfort that I framed the letter and placed it on my nightstand.  Throughout the years, this letter has taken on different meanings at different times in my life.  Her words are as relevant today, as they were in 1989.

On that day, my mother gave me one of the greatest messages that a parent can give a child.  She gave me the message of Jesus Christ.  She showed me the path to salvation.  

Now that I have children of my own, I have passed on the same message.  This beautiful Easter morning, as my children went downstairs to find their baskets, I had them read this letter.  Like I did years ago, they quickly read it and began looking in their baskets.

However, one day, her words will resonate in their hearts.  And they too will realize that this is the greatest message….

Wishing you and yours a Happy Easter (as you continue living abundantly)!!!!!!


There is Purpose in Your Pain

When I was in Basic Training (Boot Camp), I had a drill sergeant that would yell, “pain is weakness leaving the body,” as he smoked us in the sandpit. Now for those of you who have never served in the military, let me define what “smoked” is. To be smoked is to have an individual wearing a park ranger hat bestow physical torment upon you. This physical torment includes, push-ups, sit-ups, flutter kicks, jumping jacks or any other awful exercise that comes to their mind.

HOOAH!!! Just the thought of those smoke sessions make my neck tighten but it also brings a smile to my face. I smile because I  remember that it was around the 3rd week of boot camp that I realized that I could do 27 push-ups without stopping.

Now, this is the same “soldier” that couldn’t do a single…and I mean zero push-ups during the first week. You see, every time I struggled to lift my body up and down in that 96 degree Fort Jackson sandpit, my body was being conditioned.  And even though I had sand in places that it shouldn’t be, I learned to appreciate the smoke sessions.  Yes, I was in pain.  However, weakness truly was leaving my body. I was getting stronger and stronger.

As in the physical realm, so is it in the spiritual realm. In life, we all go through painful situations….sickness, divorce, loss of a loved one, financial hardships, etc. The pain from these situations can seem unbearable.

But, know that there is purpose in your pain.

The pain is only a symptom of the situation. It does not feel good because it is not supposed to. It exists to remind you that you are human. It exists to remind you that life is not always fair.   It exists to draw you closer to God.

The purpose of your pain is to push you to your next level…a higher level. It may remove you from a damaging, toxic or hurtful situation. It may help someone else so that they do not have to go through the same thing. It may show you that there is something greater.

If you press through the pain, you will become stronger spiritually, emotionally, mentally and even physically. If you allow the pain to teach you the lesson, without allowing seeds of bitterness and resentment to take root, it will condition your mind, spirit and soul. You will begin handling painful situations in ways that you never thought you would or could.

Now drop and give me 20….or you can just keep living abundantly 😉