As I continue living abundantly, God continues to ask me to trust Him.  With that, comes the need to get out of my comfort zone and share my life.  It amazes me how difficult this is for me.  However, I realize that my life is not my own.  So, here goes…..


This picture is from our Wedding day.   Every time I see this photo, the feelings and emotions from that day come rushing back.  This day was the beginning of our “Happily Ever After.”

Like so many people, we believed in the fairy tale.  Then, one day, all of that changed.  My Prince Charming turned into the Beast.  And to be fair, I’m sure that he would say that his Cinderella turned into the Wicked Witch.

We stopped loving each other and began loathing each other.  As two imperfect people, we stopped focusing on our commitment and began focusing on ourselves.  This led to an all out war.  After various battles and struggles, our “we” turned into “I.”

I was tired.  I was frustrated.  I no longer wanted to sacrifice or compromise.  I had had enough drama to last me a lifetime.  Besides, I deserved to be happy.  So, I was done.

However, when you’re done with your marriage, there are a lot of decisions that have to be made.  How do you divide two lives that have became one?  How do you equally split assets and finances?  How do you go from waking up to your sweet munchkins every day to seeing them 3 days a week and every other weekend?

The struggle was real.  However, it was during that struggle that the most beautiful thing happened.  I gained wisdom, knowledge and strength.  I gained an understanding and closer walk with the Lord.


I had an epiphany.  It is impossible for two imperfect people to maintain each other’s joy and happiness.  Besides, why would I want to place that burden on someone else?  I am responsible for the gift of my life, regardless of my marital status.

As I was going through this transformation, the Hubs was going through his own.  God had touched his heart too.  He began to see the beauty in the struggle.  Our pain, tears and hate began to turn into joy, laughter and love.

So, the “I” began to turn into “we.”  We wanted to see God’s Promises come to pass.  We wanted to have a testimony.  We wanted our marriage to last for better…and worse.

We know that the road will not always be easy.  However, we are determined to travel it together.  And, we’ll be living abundantly every step of the way!


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