Will You Let It Go?


Once upon a time, there was a little girl who absolutely adored her Daddy.  One special day, he gave her an imitation pearl necklace.  Oh my, how she loved that necklace.  So much so, she wore it everywhere she went.

One day, her Daddy came to her and asked if he could have it.  She immediately cried, “Oh no Daddy, this is mine. It’s my favorite.”  Her Dad simply said, “okay” and walked away.  The second day, the Dad came to his daughter again.  “Honey, can I please have that necklace.”  The little girl exclaimed, “No Daddy no, this is my favorite necklace.”  Her Dad hung his head low and walked away.

Finally on the third day, the Dad came to his daughter and asked could he have the necklace. Seeing the look in her Daddy’s eyes and the love that she had for him.  She relented and said, “Daddy, if it means that much to you, even though it’s my favorite, you can have it.”  Her Dad took the necklace.  As the little girl turned to walk away, he tapped her on her shoulder.  As she turned to face her Daddy, her eyes rested on the most beautiful pearl necklace that she had ever seen.

How many times has God asked you for your imitation pearls?  How many times have you told Him no?  Often times, we have to let go of the imitation, so we can grasp hold of what is real.  Are you ready to let it go?  If so, do it…don’t wait any longer.  Who knows what He will replace it with.  Now, that’s what I call living abundantly!

2 thoughts on “Will You Let It Go?

  1. My God! This is nothing but the truth. The very thing you are holding on to is the very thing that God wants you to let go of. I let go and now I’m in a better place. I’m loving this journey God had me on…and I wouldn’t change a thing.

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